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What are you doing on 31st October?

Why not come and celebrate the light that shines in the darkness?

You are invited to our Light Party, at Christchurch in Long Hanborough (opposite the Doctor's Surgery)

Hot Sausages and Rolls & Hot Chocolate for all (no need to cook dinner that night!)

Pumpkin Carving, Apple Bobbing, Doughnuts on a String, Light-themed Crafts, Pumpkin Bowling and much more!

Free of Charge - All welcome!

The Marriage Course - Autumn 2017

We give our cars an annual MOT but how often do we give the same attention to our marriages? 

This Autumn we are running another seven session Marriage Course in the Benefice. 

This is a course for anyone who is married, in whatever season of marriage.  It is not an overtly Christian Course. 

You will only discuss your marriage with your spouse although the discussion will be guided. As with all good Hanborough Benefice Courses we can promise cake!

If you are interested or would like to know more, please email David Tyler (or call 01993 881270). or visit: 

Christmas can be hard for some of us.

Perhaps we have lost a loved one who we miss at this festive time of year, perhaps we are anxious, fearful or low.

We know that not everyone feels like celebrating at this time of year, and that the feeling can be bittersweet.

Join us at 6pm on 10th December at Christchurch, Long Hanborough, (Opposite the Doctor’s Surgery) for a ‘Blue Christmas’ service – a service of comfort, of loss, and of hope.

Know that you are welcome, and you are not alone.

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